11 year old Tassen leads the team to VICTORY at his last race. Polardistance 175 km. 2016

Information in swedish about the origin of my kennelname...

Om namnet...

"ylä" betyder övre på finska och "järvi" betyder sjö så med lite kreativt språkmixande så blir det Ylande sjöns kennel vilket passar bra eftersom det är polarhundar jag har & jag bor precis vid Orsasjöns strand.

Kenneln har ett 20tal Siberian Huskys

Latest News

3aug Mitch and Kraka finally got their third CAC! So both are now SEUCh, show champion. 

1aug Isabellah moved to my friend Eva Lindberg

Tarzan moved togheter with daughter Aliy to Sigås family.
Atla moved to norway and Lene Halvorsen kennel where is aunts and niese Tasselina already lives. 
Axona moved to Finland and Jenni Hasa
Amberley and Skinnet stayes at kennel

Kennel was awarded our 4th diploma for breeding excellent working dogs! 

16april AT litter is born. 2males and 3females! All are dark grey/black and lookes really nice and fat...

Tarzan is bred to Måsek´s Axon. A young promising male from Annika Janssons team who got IFSS WC Silver in 6dog sprint class in Bessans 2019. Ultra sound showed a nice litter so might be some puppies for sale. 

Isabellah came back to the kennel. She is a nice little girl with high work attitude and nice lookes. 

Our beloved Ylajärvis Vargtass passed away at 13 years of age. 

Sapphire gave birth to 7 lovely pups! Värre and Meraf stayes at kennel.

alot of things happened this year... But the loss of Vargtass will affect me for years... 

Black and Belle joined the kennel. Both are amazing workers that fitted right in to my main team. 


Tarzan became BOS at Swedish speciality show in September!! CAC! 

Larix moved to Nina Finstad
Sipiri moved to Tone Hansen in Norway
Hatchi moved to Jessica 
Andra moved to Elin Mattson 
Ocothea moves to Svalbard in november
Akke and Bibi stayes here

Sally welped a litter of 9! 6males and 3females. 

Sapphire got Excellent at dogshow so she now has her title SE(polar)Ch registred 

Gul and Vilde got their SE(polar)Ch titles registered 
Grynets puppies born 26/8 4males and 3females
Lo is on season loan to Nina Finstad who has her brother Ittoq. 

Mitch earned two CAC in july dogshows. 
Tarzan won best female at Norwegian speciality show. CAC! 
Tiger on breeding loan to Germany summer 2017

Tiger on seasonloan to Norway 

Ylajärvis SM Greenhart new SEUCh! Swedish show champion and now offcourse also double champion 

Aily on seasonloan to Kim Jensen, Kiruna
Grynet on preseasonloan to Nina Finstad, Råda
Jessie moved to Johnny Blingsdalen, Norway

Kennel earned another BUP price! Our third. (Diploma from swedish kennelclub to acknowledge exeptionally good kennels with working dogs) 

Helmer and I-Tiger x-rayed. Perfect hips and elbows!

IG and LS litter is born. 17/3 and 23/3 

Retired Main leader Edwin left us for the rainbowbridge, almost 14 years old. 

Team won Polardistance. 175km
Tassen, Gul, Sapphire, Roald, Sandy, Vilde, Kraka, Shasta 

Helmer and I-Tiger EC-bronze at LD Polardistance. 300km pulka style. 

Team won 8dog sprint at Siberian husky championships in Nornäs
Gul, Leo, Sapphire, Roald, Sandy, Vilde, Shasta

Team won UMD at Polardog championships in Norråker
Tarzan became SE(polar)Ch

Svartedalens husky Tananna "Tarzan" is bred to SE(polar)Ch Ylajärvis BG Leo
Ylajärvis SM Greenhart is bred by Siberian Sleddogs Ittoq

Indy moved to new kennel. To his father N-Tiger and Tia. 



Jag har under säsongen fått testa MILA:s pannlampa VEGA som är "värstingen" på marknaden när det kommer till ljusstyrka... Den lyser betydligt starkare än både skoter och UTW:n !! 

Under VM:s första heat som avgjordes i mörker hade jag Vega på mig och det var inte ett enda av de spann jag körde om som inte reagerade på "strålkastaren" som kom farandes i full fart... Det blir ljust som på dagen och en trygg och säker färd för spannet även i hög fart. 

Att teamet även fick snabbaste heattid grundade för det VM-GULD som vi efter tre dagars tävlande kunde kröna vinterns succé med! 



Tiger and Grynet in lead Tiger and Grynet in lead

"latest news from the past"

Ylajärvis MT Spring BOB speciality show for Siberian Husky club. He got 2 CAC the same weekend
Ylajärvis SM Greenhart got CAC at the same specialityshow and Tarzan r-CERT
Vargtass best veteran. Indy best yearling and puppy Aily best female pup! 
Jessie BOB puppy at SPHK dogshow in Sollefteå and Mitch BOS 

Tia and N-Tiger moved to new kennel. 

Malins is now also a author. Her novel got published 21okt. Spilld mjölk can be bought at www.spilldmjolk.se A novel about a farmer, his family and a whole countryside in crisis. 

Duro moved to Svalbard i november. 

Lara and Joar moved to Russia in oktober. 

Ylajärvis Vargtass best veteran Norwegian winner dogshow 2015 New titel NO Veteran winner -15

Puppies! Tarzan gave birth to 7 pups july 6th. 5 males and 2 females. 

I-Tiger won BOB and nr4 in group 5 at SKK dogshow in Alfta!!

Helmer and Tia fullfilled a 1300km expedition. "Vita bandet" through the Swedish mountains. Togheter with my friend Kenneth and his 6dogs. 

WC GOLD mid distance 6dog class!! Scharnitz Austria. Tarzan, N-Tiger, Sandy, Roald, Grynet, Leo

Hamar, Norway GOLD 6dog class. Tarzan, Grynet, N-Tiger, Helmer, Sandy, Roald

Nornäs vinterrace GOLD 6dog MD. Tarzan, Sandy, Grynet, Leo, N-Tiger, Roald

Polardog championships. Tarzan, Grynet, Sandy, N-Tiger GOLD 6dog class MD. 
Polardog championships. Tia SILVER 6dog class MD. 
Polardog championships. I-Tiger  BRONZE 2dog class Sprint. 

Ylajärvis DT Helmer won his last CAC at SPHK show in Bollnäs. NEW double Champion!  

Kennel WON BREEDERSCLASS at Swedish Speciality show in Idre. 

Ylajärvis ET Arn second best male at Swedish specialty show. 

PUPPIES. Born 1june 2014. 3males 5 females Leo/Sally

SEUCh SE(polar)Ch Ylajärvis Vargtass r-CAC at Norwegian speciality show. Second best male. Sandy CK, Helmer and Grynet Excellent.

Kraka. Helmer, Roald is now SE(polar)Ch 

SILVER at Polardistance 160km 8dog class

SILVER at world championships in Switzerland!! 6dog Mid Distance. N-Tiger, Leo, Tasse, Sandy, Roald, Kraka

6 dogs eye checked. All clear. N-Tiger, I-Tiger, Kraka, Sally, Sandy, Tasse

SEUCh SE(polar)Ch Ylajärvis Vargtass BOS at Swedish Specialtyshow Idre 

Ylajärvis kennel

Compeets in mid and longdistance races. Also some dogshows with good results!!

World Champion Mid distance
also owned and raised several showchampions

Four times "BUP" Swedish kennelclub, breeders diploma for excellent breeding of working dog!  


update 19august

Kennel located in mid Sweden

Results 2019

Hamar 6dog mid distance - 1place
IFSS WC Bessans. 6dog mid distance: WC Silver for my team and WC Gold for Bibi and Akke in my friend Ninas team!

Results 2018

Hamar 8dog mid distance - 1 place
Vildmarksracet 120 km - 4th place
Grimsbu Norway UMD - 2 place
WSA-WC Polardistance 300 km. WC SILVER 


Results 2017

Hamra 6dog sprint - second place
Swedish championships 4dog masstart - 5th place
Swedish championships 8 dog sprint GOLD
Grimsbu Norway UMD - GOLD 
WSA-WC Polardistance 163 km. WC GOLD

Results 2016

PM Norråker UMD - GOLD
RM Nornäs 8dog sprint - GOLD
RM Polardistans UMD - GOLD

Results 2015

Hamar MD - 1 place
Nornäs MD - 1place
Polarhundsmästerskapen 1place (4dogs from my team in Andras Sandes team)
Norway Trail 4place Nordic breed

Results 2014

Hamar 4-5 januari 6dog MD  2place
Polarhundsmästerskapen Orsa Grönklitt 1-2 feb 6dog sprint. 3place
WSA WC Switzerland 6dog MD SILVER
Polardistance 160km 8dog 2place

Results 2013

Nornäs UMD                 2place
Lekvattnet LMD            1 place

SM 4dog sprint             6 place

Ryssjön LMD                1 place

Polardistance 300 km 3 place


Results 2012

Polardistance 160 km 1 place

Strömsund  UMD          3place